Putting your Products in the Best Light

Product displays don’t need to be boring shelving or hooks and waterfalls, we have a background of producing completely unique shopping experience for clients just like you.

Our favorite project in the world is have a free reign to produce completely new and unique retail display units, putting your product in it;s natural habitat so to speak. Whether it’s cutting a boat in half, creating a climbing equipment display out of realistic fake stone materials or bike display units out of cycling track.

We've Designed....


Counters, tills, whatever you would like to call them. That place you take you bits up to, to pay for your stuff. That's a counter! We design them really nicely.

Clothes Racks / Islands

All around a retail store you have places where clothes or products are displayed. Let's not make them boring, it's all part of the shopping experience.

Shelving Units

Rather than having just wooden ikea shelves, lets have solid wood, glass, perforated metal. Whatever shows off your products best - this is what differentiates you from the others.

Bespoke Displays

We want to sell bikes, mountain bikes so we don't sit them on boxes, we send them home and put them on logs, tracks and steps. Better than bikestands or laminated chipboard, right?

Lets Make Your Project a Reality!

Please send us an enquiry with a few details and we will get in touch as soon as possible to move things forward.


Some examples of our work

Please take a look at some of our work, we’ve probably delivered a project similar to yours so you can be confident we’re up to the job!


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