What is branding?

Branding is the activity of defining your business through the use of a number of tools. A branding project will look at everything from the Name of your business, the nature of your business, potentially your target audience and even the locality of your business.

Once a thorough assessment of all these areas have taken place, this information will feed into everything from a review of your company name, a strapline for your new brand name, the colours utilised within your logo and other marketing materials, the application of that brand logo within all the online and offline collateral all the way through to the creation of all the important documentation such as stationary, folders, window graphics and even photography style.

A full branding exercise should have the output of a brand identity document so thyose new rules are adhered to by any other 3rd party you might employ.

Branding Activities

Brand name generation

Through thorough research and understanding of your business, industry, desired tone of voice and target audience, we can generate name options for you to choose from.

Colour Psychology

A brand isn't just about a name, the way that name is presented to the public is essential and part of that can be down to as fine detail as the colour you choose.

The generation of the logo

Your new logo needs to be simple but effective, it should have a clear association with the name and reflect all the background work carried out in the earlier stages of the project.

The brand guidelines

Once the final logo has been approved, we will then apply that look and feel accross all the agreed mediums and produce a guide for any other designer to follow.

Can i just have a logo without all that other stuff?

Yes of course!
A branding exercise can be expensive and time consuming, of course it is thorough and sets you up with a sound basis to move forwards but you may simply want a new logo and perhaps some business cards. We can tailor any service according to your needs and your budget so please, if you have a specific requirement then please let us know!

What kind of options can I choose from?

Your new brand identity

Your new brand should be translated into a visual interpretation including a logo, colour scheme and strapline. The identity should be supported by a document which is a do’s and don’ts guideline on how your new identity should be applied to any given media, whether digital or printed.

Business cards & Stationary

Of course, one of the most important ways you can easy pass on your business details is through the traditional business card. You can choose to ask us to develop your new business cards as part of the package should you want to.

Both internal and external documents need to have your new look applied to them. Everything from headed paper to invoices, quotations and compliments slips should have a continuity of look and feel.

Presentation materials

Powerpoint or Keynote presentations are a typical requirement for businesses of any size. Ensuring these assets are treated with your new brand support the professional outlook you will want to present to potential clients.

Some examples to get your mouth Watering!

Want to find out more about Branding?

If you’d like to find out more about how Branding or a new logo could help your business then please get in touch.

We can tailor any package according to your specific needs and budget, it needn’t break the bank!


Some examples of our work

Please take a look at some of our work, we’ve probably delivered a project similar to yours so you can be confident we’re up to the job!


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