All About the Customer Experience

The first thing a customer will experience will be your shop front. Whatever assets you have to work with to increase the positive outcome of that first experience should be exploited to the maximum.

Whether that’s a fully lit over door sign board, some window dressing, window graphics or even just window surrounds painted appropriately, we can either provide consultation or a fully blown re-fit and re-design.

Improving the customer Journey


Signage, especially if you have a variety or products or services is important. We want to help your customers find what they need quickly.

Shop Fronts

The shop front is critical. It give the potential client an impression of relevance and professionalism, tailored to your company look and feel.

Window dressing

Window dressing is a common technique to show off your products. whether manakins, props or just some vinyl graphics, we can help with it all.

Point of Sale

Point of sale is a way inn which we upsell service or product through the use of wall graphics or advertisements. We have experience in successful upsells proven to eb impactful.

The psychology of retail and improving the shopping experience.

You may not realise it but from the moment to arrive at the door of a shop, you have already made a number of assessments.

These assessments are based on a number of factors, including the location of the shop, the presentation of the frontage, the lighting and other elements that affect your senses – even the smell!

What areas of your customer experience can we help with?


Shop front signs.

Shop front signage can mean a number of things. From overdoor signage, to A-board pavement signs or swing signs, all are intended to carry out a number of tasks. Catching the eye of a potential customer and delivering key information such as contact details, promotions and service or product offering all within a second of being seen.


Window graphics

Window graphics are traditionally vinyl which is cut according to the design and then stuck to the window. If you have window space, it can be beneficial in simply adding to the visual affect and creating more of a customer experience.


Retail journey signage.

If you have a store with a varied, complex product or service offering, or simply if your store is large or spread out then you need signage. We see these all the time in the larger shops such as supermarkets or bookshops but effective signage can help shops of any size. It doesn’t have to be expensive – just effective.


Point of sale and upselling.

We’ve seen this done well by the likes of Marks and spencer and other larger retail outlets so why not you too? Providing an opportunity to show off promotions or additional services are a good way to capture more sales than you might have otherwise. This can be in the form of behind counter signage or shelving for anything that might not otherwise be seen on the shop floor.

Lets Make Your Project a Reality!

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Some examples of our work

Please take a look at some of our work, we’ve probably delivered a project similar to yours so you can be confident we’re up to the job!


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