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Sponsored ads and pay per click

Segment your audience and target potential customers

Pay per click can be a good way to generate traffic based on a promotion, new service or new product.

Impressive improvements in sales or interest can be gained where a good web strategy is combined with effective pay per clicked campaigns, especially where your industry is particularly competitive or saturated.

What's next?
Capture and communicate

Capture customer data and market directly

Integrate with 3rd party platforms to automatically capture potential customer data.

Customer data can be used to communicate with them directly via e-mail marketing or targeted tailored adverts based on previous behaviour or data captured through your contact points.

Consideration to data privacy and GDPR will be considered in any solution proposed and implemented.

And then?

Automated digital marketing

Automate and simplify your marketing activities through the use of one of a number of 3rd party platforms such as Marketo, Redeye, Salesforce Pardot and many others.

Automated advert placement, engagement e-mails and content can be activated to better target potential customers automatically, significantly cutting down manual audience segmentation and better targeting of individual customers.

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