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Content optimisation

Content optimisation is critical for organic search result Success

Good organic ranking for a targeted keyword is the aim for any SEO specialist or agency and our role will be to assist you in identifying the optimum keyword to generate as much good traffic to your site as possible.

Google has made and continues to make changes to their search algorithms in order to deliver the most relevant results for a given set of keywords a user may use to find the content they need.

These keywords will be what you use through your website content.

What's next?
Website performance

Page speed and server performance

There are a number of additional factors that may positively or adversely impact how google decides to rank you for specific keywords.

On a basic level, your website should always be responsive, meaning that content is delivered to the user consistently across all devices and laid out in a readable, usable manner.

In summary, your website should be easy to use on all screen sizes and devices and should be efficient at delivering the content.

And then?
Accessibility and mobile optimisation

Make sure your site can be accessed by All

It may not be obvious to all but accessibility means a number of things and can affect the way your website is treating by search engines.

Not only does your website need to be accessible and usable on all devices from large screens to small mobile devices but it should also be optimised as far as possible for users that are, for example hard of sight.

This isn’t just about what is visible on the screen but it is also the way that users who cannot see what is on the screen can navigate your website and content on the page,

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