What about WordPress?

WordPress has been around for a long time, in the world of CMS’s.
It’s what’s known as an open source CMS which means that it is licence free.

It’s popularity began as a blogging platform and still exists today providing individuals with a free, online system to provide their followers with updates and news.
Because of it’s success. the WordPress team decided that it would create an extension of the original platform for the use of more expert users that wanted to create more complex and configurable websites but still use the fantastic backend user interface that helped make the original wordpress so popular.

Today, WordPress CMS offers great flexibility and customisation. It has a huge pool of developers that contribute to it’s continued development and that generate many fantastic plugins to extend it’s functionality.

As WordPress Web Developers based in Oxford, we can work effectively with businesses of any size.

Why choose wordpress CMS?

As mentioned, the WordPress CMS has a very intuitive user friendly admin interface. The menu system is clear and easy to navigate and the content is easily managed through HTML editors and a smart media library.

WordPress in it’s basic form allows you to easily create pages and link them to menu items and also create a post or news feed.

Plugins deliver functionality that would otherwise be out of reach to the normal user. Of course, as WordPress experts, we can also deliver completely bespoke fuctionality and the front end (the website your users sees) will be developed from the bottom up so it suits your business perfectly.

Wordpress service Options

Theme development

We can develop a theme to match your business needs.
From wireframes, mockups through to development and lauch, we will follow the correct process to deliver your project.


As you may have ready in other parts of this website, optimisation of your content is only the start of having a truly optimised website. There are many factors that affect how search engines treat your search results. We can help with all of it.

Content Input

Working with you to deliver the right tone of voice, we will take the optimised, tuned tone of voice content and input it into the website ready for launch.

WordPress Security

This is one area that you must not neglect. Security of your website is paramount and as thy say, prevention is better than cure.
We can employ the best tools to protect your investment from hackers.

Implement funcitonality

Whether you need bespoke functionality developed or whether we can get it off the shelf, we will help you identify the best way to deliver the functionality you need to get the best from your investment.

Migration and Hosting

If you have a WordPress website hosted elsewhere but want to move it somewhere else, we can make that move as smooth as anything.
Hell, even if you want to move it to your own hosting but need some help, get in touch and for a small fee, we'll do it for you.

Let’s make your project a

Please send us an enquiry with a few details and we will get in touch as soon as possible to move things forward.


Some examples of our Work

Please take a look at some of our work, we’ve probably delivered a project similar to yours so you can be confident we’re up to the job!


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