Bespoke retail design

Unique freestanding units providing a tailored shopping experience

AboutDubarry of Ireland

Dubarry of Ireland are a high quality country clothes manufacturer.

Their range covers both Men and Womens clothing and footwear.
Favorites in their range include their wonderful waterproof Leather boots and their tweed Jackets.

Up until our involvement, Dubarry had primarily based their sales on the country event scene, using an exhibition system we designed. We were involved to consult on and design a new flagship store due to be installed in Dublin.

About this project

Our involvement in the project was to set out a bespoke freestanding design which would be applied to any new retail stores that Dubarry then rolled out accross Europe.

Since the launch of the Ireland flagship store, they have applied our design and specifications to their new Sloane Square, London store.

Every element of the shop had our touch from the counter to the changing room.

  • Perimetre wall design with slot and accessory system
  • Counter
  • Changing room
  • Free standing floor gondola’s
  • Seat for changing footware and storage
  • Bespoke, traditional style welsh dresser
  • Lighting and flooring

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