Bespoke Bar and Servery

Utilising the latest in Autodesk Software and employing a variety of materials


AboutThe Client

Iffley Blue is a contemporary restaurant serving modern British cuisine it’s an exciting addition to Hawkwell appealing to the independent diner and residents alike. Our head Chef, Alex Turner and his team serve the best of modern cuisine – light and fresh in summer, rich and robust in winter. Our offering is served all day with the famous Hawkwell hospitality.

Bar and restaurant design autodesk

About this project

Our involvement with Iffley blue restaurant included a core team design consultation phase including their interior designer where we took on the desired look and feel that had been established throughout the restaurant.

The restaurant required a working bar and a pizza making area.

The look and feel needed to fit the environment and have built in lighting to ensure the area was appropriately lit up, not just from a visual point of view but also to ensure the area was lit up enough to work within.

As the units were free standing and needed to fit within specific dimensions, a floor plan was provided and measurements were taken onsite to ensure the dimensions of each of the units fit perfectly within their desired spaces.

Dimensions of each of the bar and kitchen units were also taken to ensure they fit within the newly designed units. This included typical bar and kitchen units such as sinks, bottle holders, washers, fridges, tills, coffee machines and of course the display bottles themselves.

Hi-max surfaces were used, of different opacities and colours to provide a visual experience as well as ensure the area would stay hygenic.

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