Branding and stationary

  • Multiple concepts at development stage
  • Colour investigation
  • Word meaning investigation
  • Mockups

Pontema are a startup company specialising in assisting post graduate university students transfer their expertise to corporate life and business.

Our brief was to create a brand new look for the business, integrating the meaning of pontem which means ‘bridge’ in latin and to present the logo with a corporate feel and with cultural considerations to Africa and India, being growing markets.

Cultural investigation included looking into colour sensitivities and any potential negative translations of Pontem or Pontema.

Our colour investigations led to settling with Blue and Blue variations and found no negative connotations with the use of the word Pontema.

Multiple logo options were presented to the client with a number of different concepts and supported by mockups to place the logo in some real life usages in order to assist the decision making process.

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