Retail interior design

We are retail interior designers based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire
Product displays

Bespoke product display units

Product displays don’t need to be boring shelving or hooks and waterfalls, we have a background of producing completely unique shopping experience for clients just like you.

Our favorite project in the world is have a free reign to produce completely new and unique retail display units, putting your product in it;s natural habitat so to speak. Whether it’s cutting a boat in half, creating a climbing equipment display out of realistic fake stone materials or bike display units out of cycling track.

What's next?
Point of sale

Tills and point of sale

Using a variety of materials, lighting and knowledge of ergonomics, we will design your POS, sales desk or counter to suit your brand, the environment and space you have available.

Consideration for the units that will be contained, the working area and floorplan of your retail store will lead to a convenient, practical, easily maintainable, good looking and memorable asset to your retail store that will lead a lasting impression on your customers before they leave.

And then?
Free standing displays

Gondolas and island displays

Product and clothing display is all about showing your products off in the best light.

They should compliment your product and brand and stand out. Free standing displays can be inserted into your store easily without the consideration of additional building work to accomodate them. The could be fixed to walls as a perimeter or stand freely in the store floor.

All around a retail store you have places where clothes or products are displayed. Let’s not make them boring, it’s all part of the shopping experience.

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